Helicopter Robo Transformation

Are you ready to fly stealth fighter helicopter? Which is indeed a future of helicopter fighting games. This is a futuristic modern fighter plane loaded with top-notch war ammunition and transformable into robot to get the terrorists into flames. It is an electrifying summation of helicopter robot games and airplane fighter games. In this helicopter simulator you need to be a master of helicopter fighter to chase and destroy criminals. Don’t take it as a simple fighter plane jet it is a modern war chopper with the ability to transform into robot on a single click unseen in any other robot fighting games and robot battle games. So brace yourself with this robot jet simulator unique in futuristic aircraft robot games. Go ahead and download HELICOPTER ROBOT TRANSFORMATION

This helicopter flight simulator has a very fascinating and thrilling game play. You can fight with other robotic enemies with your robot or transform into fighter helicopter aircraft to have an air battle with other air warriors or air jet fighters. This is much powerful game than any other game like robot car simulator or moto robot transformation; it is robot fighter jet the captain of airplane robot transforming games. So be a supreme fighter pilot and exhibit your best flight skills to fly this Helicopter robot simulator.


  • Thrilling helicopter flight and robot conversion experience
  • Amazing HD, 3D Graphics
  • Fighter chopper transform into robot and robot back into flying jet
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • 10 most thrilling and sensational levels

This is a fully loaded modern robot helicopter simulator with robot transform and air war fight abilities, unseen in any other helicopter robot games and helicopter fighting games. Feel like a super pilot to take off this stealth fighter helicopter and kick out the enemies. Take control on your nerves and download HELICOPTER ROBOT TRANSFORMATION, best of jet robot games.