Doctor Drive Ambulance Parking

It’s time to take this brilliant doctor driving parking into unique dimensions! If you love doctor parking game then this amazing doctor driving car game will definitely thrill you with its amazing ambulance rescue simulator 3d. We surely know you haven’t seen this kind of ambulance hospital doctor game before! Drive through challenging tracks in this realistic ambulance car parking game and avoid hitting the barriers and other parked cars. Doctor driving parking is a realistic and fabulous ambulance hospital doctor game in which you can show off your driving talent with our best ambulance rescue simulator 3d. Ambulance car parking will definitely make you a better driver in real life. Get the chance to complete super cool parking levels in one of the most realistic doctor parking game. Now place your hands on the steering wheel and park your ambulance accurately in the newest DOCTOR DRIVE AMBULANCE PARKING, one of the best doctor driving car game on play store.


  • 5 unique game play levels
  • Realistic HD graphics and 3d environment
  • Smooth controls with realistic physics
  • Multiple real life ambulances for selection
  • Change the gears according to your choice while driving
  • Earn coins for parking the ambulance successfully on a parking spot
  • Difficult ambulance parking challenges
  • REMOVE ADS and UNLOCK ALL LEVELS by paying coins
  • Avail the feature of BUY COINS as well

Doctor driving parking is an amazing ambulance hospital doctor game that requires highest precision from the driver while parking an ambulance rescue simulator 3d. In this doctor parking game, you have to show top skills in steering, acceleration and obstacle avoidance. Be the pro and stunning driver in this great combination of ambulance car parking and doctor driving car game. So download and experience the best DOCTOR DRIVE AMBULANCE PARKING game!