Flying School Bus Racing

Tired of playing classic school bus racing games? Well, now it’s your chance to fly a realistic flying bus simulator 3d and compete in one of the fastest flying school bus racing challenge. It’s time to have some school bus driving 2016 fun in one of the most modern flying bus games. We’ll give you the chance to feel like in the future by controlling a smooth flying bus simulator 3d along with managing a huge flying school bus high in the skies. Participate in the best school bus driving 2016 death race and show off the art of racing and flying to the whole city. Smash into other competitor school buses, jump and drift on road side ramps and crush your lethal enemies in the modern blend school bus racing games and flying bus games. Smell the petrol fumes and enjoy the carnage in FLYING SCHOOL BUS RACING!


  • 5 action-packed school bus flying game play levels
  • Multiple flying buses with beautiful textures for bus selection
  • Option to FLY or DRIVE your school bus!
  • Race towards the school and obtain the 1st position
  • Fly strategically and avoid hitting skyscrapers and buildings
  • Excellent camera angles for precision bus flying or driving
  • FLY the school bus car by pressing the wings icon on the screen
  • Follow the highlighted pointers to track down the destination
  • Hit your opponent buses and decrease their health bars!
  • Smooth and advanced flight physics
  • Explore a huge interactive 3d city environment with HD graphics
  • Advanced bus flying & driving physics
  • Incredible sound effects

Push that pedal and give some race to your flying bus simulator 3d, and become the fastest flying school bus driver in the city. School bus driving 2016 will give you the chance to race and destroy your opponents in one of the most heart-throbbing school bus racing games. In the most innovative flying bus games, feel like in the future by experiencing an exhilarating flying school bus ride with surreal visual effects. Time to thrash our opponents in FLYING SCHOOL BUS RACING and ace the deadliest race!