Robo Transporter Monster Truck

Are you freak of monster truck transporter games? Then you are at the right place. Get this eccentric summation of car robot transformation with transport truck games. You would love to transform variety of sports cars into car robots and park them into monster truck. If you are a fanatic of car robot simulator then you will love to drive these robot cars with an option to convert into car robots, unrevealed in any other car transporter games. Download this ROBO TRANSPORTER MONSTER TRUCK superlative in other monster truck robot games.

Game play of this monster truck simulator is very interesting. You have to drive and transform the variety of cars into car robots and then operate them into the monster truck and then drive the monster truck transporter towards the truck parking lot unseen in any other transport robot games and transporter truck games. If you an expert driver of monster truck games then get ready to take charge in this car robot simulator towards the truck parking lot.


  • Variety of cars to convert into robots with excellent animations
  • Amazing HD, 3D Graphics
  • Thrilling monster truck driving experience towards the futuristic parking spot
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • 5 sensational levels

Guys, this is an exciting combination of car robot games and monster truck transport games. So operate robot car simulator in the best of truck transporter games with versatile experience of car robot transformation. Drive this transport truck on curvy paths towards the parking lot to show off your driving skills. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to rule car transporter truck games with this amazing ROBO TRANSPORTER MONSTER TRUCK, the masterpiece in transporter games